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An Unrivaled Experience
We Guarantee Integrity and Quality

We always commit to our Customers a high degree of Integrity and Neutrality

  • BLITZ UP is not tied to any software or hardware solution, nor to any solution integrator.

  • Our recommendations are entirely neutral, always motivated by our objectives to provide maximum added value to our Customers.

  • We pride ourselves in our high degree of integrity. Our opinions are always driven by the need to say and do what is right.

More than 30 years

of experience in the

software industry

Expertise in IT legal and commercial litigation for Belgian Courts

Experience in the analysis

of complex technical

matters and in producing 

technical reports

Expertise in best practice of software project management with a clear understanding of how the project links to the business strategy and how IT functions operate

Experience in full life

cycle development

and implementation of

IT solutions

Service available in

English, Dutch

and French

Why Choose BLITZ UP?

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