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Expertise & Consultancy

in IT

We help settle disputes with suppliers or customers, related to the usage of computer technology, and help you avoid filing lawsuits in court.

We offer technical advice in computer related litigation, allowing you to strengthen your case whenever legal action is  required.

We assist your legal department in drafting the technical specifications of IT contracts and in conducting due diligence procedures for mergers & acquisitions, helping you avoid potential future disputes.

We help your company put itself in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations, pertaining to the collection and management of data of personal nature.

We advise you, simply.

Our Services

Our Services
IT Expert Services

We provide technical advice for investigation and preparation work related to litigation involving the use of Information Technology, and help companies to create a "file of evidence" in the form of a unilateral technical report.

IT Contracts Negotiation

We offer technical support and assist the legal staff in the drafting and negotiation of IT contracts. We also conduct due diligence of the IT capability of target companies preceding a merger or an acquisition.

Court Mandated Judicial Expertises

We conduct judicial expertises upon request of Belgian courts, formulating an opinion on specific technical matters, while guaranteeing impartiality and independence.

GDPR Compliance

We help organisations in their journey to achieve compliance with GDPR, a body of norms instated by the European Union for the purpose of protecting data of personal nature, for all its citizens.

Who Are We?

Cécile Blitz is an IT expert and owner of BLITZ UP. 

Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Statistics, she holds an additional degree in Computer Science. She has more than 30 years of experience in the software industry as an IT expert and consultant.

She is also member of the Belgian Chamber of Experts in charge of Judicial Missions and Arbitrations  CEJA-KGSO and of the Chamber of Arbitration of Experts  CAE-AKD.


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